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Joel Weeks Park Concepts

On April 6, 2010 over 60 community members participated in a public workshop design to share ideas about the future design of Joel Weeks Park.  Last Monday, May 17 I invited the community to see their ideas turned into a new park design and welcomed their feedback.  Now I am asking you to share your opinions on the two possible designs for Joel Week Parks.

Save Transit City!

If you also agree that the TTC must be kept public, be properly funded by all levels of Government, and that the Transit City Light Rail plan should be completed by 2020, then sign the pledge at

The Public Transit Coalition is an independent, community-based group of organizations and individuals who came together in support of investment in this vital public service.

Riverdale Shares - 3rd Annual Bebop-a-looza!

For the past 19 years the Riverdale Share Community Association has been raising money for organizations that support families in crisis.  This annual spring dinner and dance, ‘Bebop-a-looza’, gives the community an opportunity to see the results of their generosity as well as enjoy a wonderful dinner by Magic Oven and dance to the swinging sounds of the Bebop Cowboys and some very special guests.

Construction at Eastern and Broadview nearing completion

Gas Services Being Moved to New Gas Main

Enbridge Gas is nearing completion of the construction work to upgrade the natural gas distribution system at Eastern & Broadview. The new main and new underground service lines to individual properties have been installed.  

The last step involves shutting down and disconnecting the old gas main, and switching all customers over to the new gas main. Embridge will require access

Enbridge construction- Hanson and Rhodes

Link-Line Construction Ltd. in contract to Enbridge will be undertaking the replacement of the existing gas mains and service lines in your neighborhood.Work will be conducted on the local public roads and boulevards and all customers will be contacted prior to any work being done on their private property.  All excavated areas will be repaired.  If you are not

Riverdale Bridgepoint Redevelopment Liaison Committee

Join Bridgepoint for the next Riverdale-Bridgepoint Redevelopment Liaison Committee meeting to discuss progress and topics related to the construction of the new Bridgepoint Hospital.

Date: Monday, April 19, 2010
Time: 6:30pm to 9pm
Location: Bridgepoint Health Auditorium, 1st Floor
Main Entrace located off Broadview Avenue, just north of Gerrard Street East

Meeting Focus:

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