Our buildings, streets and neighbourhoods help to tell our story as a community. We can help to tell this story by preserving and recognizing Ward 14’s rich local history.

Queen St. East in particular is a focal point of our own history. I initiated a Heritage Study which will identify areas and elements of Queen St. East that should be preserved and cherished. This has resulted in a new batch of buildings added to the Heritage List. It’s vital that new developments respect the heritage elements and overall history of this part of our community.

I’ve also worked with Heritage Toronto and local historical groups to ensure that plaques mark points in our neighbourhood that tell our vibrant history to residents and visitors. In June 2018 the Dundas + Carlaw Heritage Plaque District was launched. Comprising ten plaques and a self-guided tour, it is the City’s first Heritage Plaque District. You can find the digital version of the self-guided tour online at: https://exploredundascarlaw.heritagetoronto.org/index.html

Learn more about Heritage Toronto at https://www.heritagetoronto.org/.

I also work closely with our local historical groups. These groups help to build an understanding of the value of our heritage and are great ways to get involved in heritage preservation in Toronto-Danforth.

East End Historical Groups

Riverdale Historical Society

The Riverdale Historical Society was established in 1999 by a group of local residents who adopted the mandate of discovering, interpreting and preserving the heritage of their particular community within the wider city of Toronto.


Leslieville Historical Society

The Leslieville Historical Society aims to be the hub for Leslieville’s diverse histories, engaging local residents and beyond through the research, planning and implementation of relevant outreach and advocacy projects. By providing a strong voice for local heritage, we will enrich the public’s connection with the past, present and future of this important part of Toronto.


East York Historical Society

The East York Historical Society was formed in 1980 and incorporated in 1981 as a non-profit corporation affiliated with the Ontario Historical Society to bring together people interested in the diverse heritage of East York, to research, retain, preserve, and present historical data pertaining to the region. We are trying to increase awareness of our heritage and involve new people in our community.


June 12, 2018 (Toronto, Ontario)Heritage Toronto is pleased to announce the launch of the Dundas + Carlaw Heritage Plaque District. Comprising ten plaques and a self-guided tour, the area is the first in Toronto to be comprehensively interpreted by the Plaques and Public Education Program. 5,000 tour brochures will be distributed throughout the district, allowing residents and visitors to learn more about the history of the area and its transformation to an arts and cultural hub.

Save the Centreville Carousel









Save the Centreville Antique Carousel

Centreville's 110 year old antique carousel has delighted thousands of children for over half a century. It boasts 52 hand carved wooden animals including cats, pigs, ostriches and rabbits and is one of only a handful of Dentzel Menagerie Carousels left in the world and the only one in Canada. The carousel is an important part of Toronto's history and a part of people's histories.

Heritage Evaluations Requested for 462 Eastern Ave and 401 Logan Ave

Heritage evaluations for 462 Eastern Ave and 401 Logan Ave have been requested through Toronto and East York Community Council. Inclusion of 462 Eastern Ave is on the agenda for the May 18, 2017 Toronto Preservation Board meeting. Click the links below for further details on each item.







462 Eastern Ave

2017.PB23.7 - Inclusion on the City to Toronto's Heritage Register - 462-486 Eastern Avenue

Hubbard Park Opening

[gallery size="large" ids="6667,6666,6668,6661,6673,6662,6670,6659,6672,6663,6660,6669"]

Hubbard Park honours William Peyton Hubbard who was was elected as a City Alderman becoming Toronto’s first Black elected politician in 1894. He later went on to serve as Acting Mayor.  An exceptional advocate for fairness and for an inclusive city, William Hubbard led the efforts to establish our public utility provider, Toronto Hydro.

New Leslieville Mural

[gallery size="large" ids="6567,6563,6564,6562,6561,6556,6555,6560,6565"]


Thanks to everyone who joined us at the official unveiling of the Leslieville Mural! And thank you to all of our community partners, local businesses, and residents who were involved in selecting Elicser's beautiful updated take on Alexander Muir sitting under a maple tree.  I know this new landmark will be enjoyed by Leslievillians for years to come.

Carlaw + Dundas in Leslieville

The Carlaw + Dundas district of our Leslieville neighbourhood has a rich industrial heritage dating back to the late 1800s. Early industries – including abattoirs, cattle sheds, piggeries, market gardens, brickyards, florists and a tree nursery – emerged to take advantage of the easy access to the growing city and Carlaw + Dundas' proximity to the Grand Trunk Railway.

Red Door is in Leslieville to Stay!

Dear Friends,

Just under two years ago, I wrote to you asking for your help and support to keep the Red Door Shelter on Queen Street in Leslieville after a real estate deal gone bad put the Red Door's future in jeopardy.

Our community answered the call in an unprecedented way - over 50,000 people signed a petition to keep the Red Door in Leslieville, and hundreds of residents came to community meetings and to City Hall over the next two years to support the Red Door.

Items produced from the Maple Leaf Forever tree to be used at Toronto City Council and shown in public exhibition


A presentation today at City Council saw the unveiling of a new Council Chamber lectern and City Council gavel. Both were made of wood from the Maple Leaf Forever tree.

"The City of Toronto is deeply honoured to receive a new lectern and gavel made from the iconic Maple Leaf Forever tree," said Mayor John Tory. "The preservation and celebration of these historical masterpieces is an enduring symbol of our patriotism."

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