Hubbard Park Opening

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Hubbard Park honours William Peyton Hubbard who was was elected as a City Alderman becoming Toronto’s first Black elected politician in 1894. He later went on to serve as Acting Mayor.  An exceptional advocate for fairness and for an inclusive city, William Hubbard led the efforts to establish our public utility provider, Toronto Hydro.

With Hubbard Park, Toronto will finally have a major public space that honours the important contribution of this outstanding citizen. It is also an important local tribute for this remarkable Riverdale resident as it is just steps away from William Hubbard's former home on Broadview. Hubbard Park, located on the former grounds of the old Don Jail, acts as the forecourt to the architecturally stunning new Bridgepoint Health and the newly restored heritage Don Jail at Broadview and Gerrard.

WP Hubbard is an important part of Toronto's history, but many Torontonians hadn't known about him and his legacy. There was no major piece of city infrastructure that recognized his accomplishments before Hubbard Park. I'm hopeful this park will teach people from across the city about his important contributions and his role in Toronto's history. Thank you to everyone who joined us at the official unveiling of Hubbard Park!

You can read more about this historic event on CBC here, in the Toronto Star here, and in the Globe & Mail here. 

Click here to see Royson James' article on the deep roots of Toronto's Black community.

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