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Save the Centreville Antique Carousel

Centreville's 110 year old antique carousel has delighted thousands of children for over half a century. It boasts 52 hand carved wooden animals including cats, pigs, ostriches and rabbits and is one of only a handful of Dentzel Menagerie Carousels left in the world and the only one in Canada. The carousel is an important part of Toronto's history and a part of people's histories.

Toronto Islands is the number one destination park for tourists in our city and the carousel is a popular and stunning attraction which draws local and international visitors alike. It was put up for sale to recoup the financial losses caused by extreme flooding on Toronto Islands this year.

It would be a shame if the rains not only eroded the shoreline of Toronto Island, but also led to the loss of this treasured heritage asset.

Please sign the online petition:

Toronto City Councillor Paula Fletcher is asking Toronto City Council to save the Centreville Antique Carousel. In a motion that will come before its October 2, 3 and 4, 2017 meeting, City Council will be asked to amend the current license agreement at Centreville to secure the purchase of the heritage carousel.

Councillor Fletcher's recommendation to City Council: 

Toronto City Council direct the General Manager of Parks Forestry and Recreation, in consultation with the City Solicitor and the Treasurer, to negotiate an amendment to the License Agreement, including potential license fee reductions, for the "Children's Amusement Area", known as Centreville, between William Beasley Enterprises Ltd. and the City of Toronto in order to secure the purchase of the Dentzel Menagerie Carousel owned by the licensee.

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