Our community features some of Toronto’s best parks, which are both centrepoints for our local residents and destinations for those visiting our neighbourhoods. But our challenge remains improving park facilities as they age while finding new and exciting ways to enhance our use of parks.

Working with local residents and organizations, I’ve championed the inclusion of community gardens within our parks as not only a way of growing fresh local food and building awareness of food security, but as a vital way to enrich our community

I also continue to work closely with local ‘Friends Of’ groups to animate our parks, and find creative ways to improve and better use our park facilities. Parks are such an important part of our lives, and investing in their upkeep and maintenance is essential for our community.

City Parks in Ward 14:

Aldwych Park
Ashbridges Bay Skateboard Park
Cosburn Park
Coxwell Ravine Park
Degrassi Street Park
Dieppe Park – click here for updates on the Dieppe Park Improvements 2021-2022
Felstead Park
Four Oaks Gate Park
Gamble Playground
Greenwood Park - click here for updates on the dog off-leash area improvements
Hubbard Park
Jimmie Simpson Park
Joel Weeks Park
Jonathan Ashbridge Park
Kempton Howard Park – click here for updates on the 2020 revitalization
Leslie Grove Park
Livingstone Park
Logan Green Field
Matty Eckler Playground
McCleary Park
McCleary Playground
Monarch Park
Morse Street Playground
Phin Park
Riverdale Park East
Withrow Park

‘Friends Of’ Park Groups

Friends of Withrow Park

Friends of Withrow Park are a group of people who enjoy spending time at Withrow Park and who work to put together activities in the park and work towards park improvements.

Friends of Monarch Park

Friends of Monarch Park is a community based group that is interested in improving the green space, cultural and recreational activities of Monarch Park.

Friends of Phin Park
Friends of Greenwood Park

Friends of Dieppe Park

Friends of Dieppe Park is a volunteer group that works collaboratively to improve the green space, cultural and recreational activities of Dieppe Park in East York.

Community Gardens in Ward 14

Click here to earn more about the City’s community gardens.

Winter Week at Greenwood Park

MARK your Calendars!

Winter Week at Greenwood Park

The City of Toronto has partnered with The Toronto Maple Leafs and Rogers to bring you a weeklong celebration of 100 years of Maple Leafs Hockey. Start your new year off right and join us for free Centennial Events including on and off-ice activities across the city, January 3rd to 8th.


Tiverton Park Improvements

Tiverton Park Improvements Feedback Welcomed by November 8th 

Thank you to everyone who attended the Tiverton Park meeting. Your feedback is incredibly important and helps the consultant and parks staff understand how you use the park, and what improvements matter to you and your family.

Whether you were able to attend the meeting or not, I want to give you an opportunity to provide feedback on the future of our neighbourhood park.  I've included images of the display boards that were shown at the meeting below, and you can click on the image for a larger version of each. The boards provide a range of options on play equipment and other park amenities that you are invited to comment on.

Pumpkin Parades in Ward 30



Give your Halloween Jack-O-Lantern another opportunity to shine and join a neighbourhood pumpkin parade on November 1st.  This year, I'm happy to be working with the Friends of Withrow Park, the Friends of Felstead Park, the Friends of Leslie Grove Park and the Pocket Community Association to hold four pumpkin parades in Ward 30.  You can find more about each parade on my events listing page here. 

Hubbard Park Opening

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Hubbard Park honours William Peyton Hubbard who was was elected as a City Alderman becoming Toronto’s first Black elected politician in 1894. He later went on to serve as Acting Mayor.  An exceptional advocate for fairness and for an inclusive city, William Hubbard led the efforts to establish our public utility provider, Toronto Hydro.

Labour Day Weekend with the City of Toronto

Recreation activities available at City of Toronto attractions across the city during Labour Day long weekend

The City of Toronto will offer a wide variety of activities for residents over the Labour Day long weekend, with many family attractions open.

On Labour Day – Monday, September 5, City recreation centres will be closed and their recreation programs will not operate.

Carlaw + Dundas in Leslieville

The Carlaw + Dundas district of our Leslieville neighbourhood has a rich industrial heritage dating back to the late 1800s. Early industries – including abattoirs, cattle sheds, piggeries, market gardens, brickyards, florists and a tree nursery – emerged to take advantage of the easy access to the growing city and Carlaw + Dundas' proximity to the Grand Trunk Railway.

Withrow Park Safety Walk

At November’s safety walk we decided to do a follow up safety walk with residents, officers from Division 55 and City staff after the new lights had been installed and the trees were in leaf.

Please join me this Tuesday July 5th for a safety walk in Withrow Park.  We'll meet at 7pm at the Withrow Park Clubhouse.

If you have safety concerns and you're not able to join me at the walk, please get in touch with my office at [email protected] and Crime Prevention Constable Jonathan Morrice, 416-808-5579 or Jonathan.Morrice@torontopolice.on.ca

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