OMB Big Box Decision!

 Dear Friends,

I am happy to write with good news about our community's fight to stop big box development on Eastern Ave. Yesterday Justice Karakatsanis of the Divisional Court denied SmartCentres Inc. leave to appeal the decision of the Ontario Municipal Board.

The ruling upholds the decision of the OMB to refuse an a...pplication to amend the Official Plan and the zoning by-law and denied smart centres application to build a 700,000 sq foot big box development on the toronto film studio lands.After extensive arguments by both parties, Justice Karakatsanis concluded that the decision was policy based and was within the expertise of the Board to interpret and apply the Official Plan policies: "At the conclusion of a lengthy hearing, the OMB was persuaded that the proposal did not constitute good planning and would very likely destabilize the area including the formerly designated industrial lands within the context of Policy 9.18 of the 1994 Official Plan. I am not persuaded that there is some reason to doubt the legal correctness of the Board's original decision on a question of law."

Ward 30 Community Meeting: Harmonized Zoning By-Law Project

Ward 30 Community Meeting: Harmonized Zoning By-Law Project

Thursday, November 12, 2009
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Ralph Thorton Centre
Since 2003, City staff have been working on a consolidated zoning by-law which would harmonize the zoning by-laws inherited from the six pre-amalgamation municipalities.
The objective of the project is provide a single coherent set of by-laws. The project is intended to make it easier for staff to manage building, licensing, and planning issues and for the public and other stakeholders to understand and work with the zoning by-laws. The draft zoning by-law will also bring the City's zoning by-laws into conformity with the new Official Plan.

McCleary playground opens

Councillor Paula Fletcher,  Parks, Forestry and Recreation staff, playground designer Adam Bienenstock and more than 400 volunteers from ING Direct Canada descended upon McCleary Playground Sept 17 to transform it into a natural playground.   Some of the play features include a mister, climbing boulders, musical instruments, and a hill slide. At Queen and McGee streets, "Leslieville is a perfect location for a natural playground because this is one of the greenest neighbourhoods in the city," says Councillor Paula Fletcher.

Council Highlights - City Council meeting of August 5 and 6, 2009

Union Station revitalization Council endorsed an agreement with a private sector company that, as head lessee, will lease and operate all retail space in Union Station, including in a new lower retail concourse. With federal, provincial and municipal funding, the City will proceed with its plan to revitalize Union Station as a state-of-the-art transportation facility. The name of the successful proponent for head lessee will remain confidential until a lease agreement is signed, likely in the next four to six weeks. Construction work for the revitalization is scheduled to begin next year and be completed in 2015 at a total cost of $640 million.

Strike Ends and Services Resume

August 1, 2009

After 5 long weeks the strike is over.

I want to update you on the details of yesterday’s settlement and the resumption of city services.

On Friday after a long debate, City Council voted to end the city workers strike. While there had been much information circulating in the previous days, on Friday the actual details of the settlement were

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