Tackling Toronto’s housing affordability crisis is a key priority. There are new affordable housing projects in the works in Toronto-Danforth at the Riverdale Co-op and the Don Summerville Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) site. The latter is part of an initiative to make sure TCHC revitalization projects not only replace the existing homes, but also build new affordable housing. You can read the latest report on the Don Summerville revitalization project online here.

The City’s Housing Now initiative is a plan to build 7,400 purpose built rental units in Phase 1, half of which are to be rented at below market rates. These will be part of mixed-income, mixed-use, transit-oriented neighbourhoods on 11 City-owned properties. We’re also developing a tool called Inclusionary Zoning that requires developers to build affordable housing units as part of development projects.  These are key components of the City’s overall Housing 2020-2030 Action Plan.

The Planning and Housing Committee also created a new Subcommittee on the Protection of Affordable Rental Housing, chaired by Councillor Fletcher, in 2019 with a mandate to protect the affordable units we already have and fight illegitimate evictions.  Public deputations to the Committee in November articulated the width and depth of the problem.

'Renoviction' rates soar due to big-city housing crunch

December 30, 2019 Melissa Mancini & David Common · CBC News 

It was a knock at the door that ignited the battle.

As Yanick Marion hustled early one morning to get to work, the manager of his apartment building had a message: "You have to leave. You don't have a choice," he recalls.

The manager, Marion says, was insistent that electrical upgrades were needed in the aging 36-unit complex in Montreal.

Queen and Coxwell revitalization will bring new affordable housing to area

Housing affordability is one of the most pressing issues facing us today so I am pleased to support the proposed Queen Coxwell Revitalization on the current site of the Don Summerville Apartments on Queen Street East.

For a year following the city election, I pushed to ensure that Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) added new affordable housing to their proposed revitalization. The new plan does just that. City staff, TCHC and Context Development have now agreed to a redevelopment plan for the property that would add 100 affordable rental apartments and as well as 180 market rental apartments.

New Affordable Rental Housing at 685 Queen Street East

At its June 2019 meeting, City Council approved entering into a pre-development agreement with Riverdale Co-operative Houses Inc. ("Riverdale Co-operative") to provide up to $500,000 in section 37 funds to conduct pre-development activities for the purpose of redeveloping Riverdale Co-operative's property located at 685 Queen Street East, adjacent to the 77-79 East Don Roadway and 661-677 Queen Street East site. The intent of the redevelopment is to revitalize the existing nine units and add up to 23 additional, accessible affordable rental units.

Public encouraged to share views about draft policy aimed at increasing Toronto's supply of affordable housing

The City of Toronto is hosting public consultations starting Monday to obtain input on a new policy that would create mixed-income housing by requiring new residential developments to include affordable housing units, also known as inclusionary zoning.

The use of an inclusionary zoning policy creates inclusive communities by providing affordable housing that keeps pace with the growth of new market housing, resulting in neighbourhoods that offer housing options for a range of incomes and households across the city. Inclusionary zoning, one policy solution to help address Toronto's housing needs, is geared to low- and moderate-income households earning roughly between $35,000 and $88,500 a year, depending on household size.

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