COVID-19 Vaccines


Walk-in vaccinations are available Tuesday to Saturday from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., for anyone born in 2009 or earlier to receive a first or second dose mRNA vaccine at all five City-run clinics.

You can also book appointments at City-run clinics online or by calling the provincial vaccine booking line at 1-833-943-3900 (TTY for people who are deaf, hearing-impaired or speech-impaired: 1-866-797-0007). 

The Toronto Public Health Mobile COVID-19 Vaccination Team is also available to provide vaccine clinics in various community settings. Examples of community locations include apartment buildings, workplaces, schools (including post- secondary) and long-term care homes and retirement homes. You can learn more and find the mobile clinic request intake form online.

City-operated clinics are part of the Team Toronto vaccination network that includes clinics operated by hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare and community partners. 

East Toronto Vaccine Clinics

East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP) has developed the COVID-19 Immunization Plan for East Toronto and they are operating vaccine clinics throughout the East End. I continue to work with ETHP to make sure all neighbourhoods in Ward 14 have access to vaccines.

Check the ETHP website to learn more and for clinic locations:

Third Doses

Having received recommendations from the Ontario Ministry of Health on the expanded eligibility for third doses of COVID-19 vaccines on October 3, 2021, Toronto Public Health (TPH) is preparing for the next phase of the vaccination campaign. The recommendations follow last week’s guidance on third doses of COVID-19 vaccines by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI).

Populations at highest risk of waning protection and severe COVID-19 illness will be offered a booster dose of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine at least six months after completing their primary series (168 days or longer since their second dose). More than 26,000 Toronto residents have already received a third dose. With this announcement, many healthcare workers, individuals 70 years of age and older, many immunocompromised individuals, individuals who received a two-dose series of a viral vector COVID-19 vaccine (e.g. AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD) and other at-risk populations are now eligible for a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine. A full list of eligible individuals is available on the provincial website.

TPH estimates that more than 65,000 Torontonians will be eligible to receive a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine as of Monday, November 8. With expanded eligibility, and as part of the next phase of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, City of Toronto-run immunization clinics are returning to a booked appointment-based system.

On Saturday, November 6 at 8 a.m., 40,000 appointments over the next two weeks at TPH vaccine clinics will be available through the provincial booking system. Additional appointments will be opened up in future weeks. Health care workers can receive their COVID-19 vaccine through the hospital with which they are affiliated. Toronto residents can also receive their COVID-19 vaccine through one of more than 450 local pharmacies that are offering this vaccine, at many doctor’s offices and at other health care partner clinics. More information on how to book is available here

TPH encourages all residents to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as they are eligible. The COVID-19 vaccine is the best protection against serious illness, hospitalization and death. Recent local data show that compared to those who are fully vaccinated, those who are unvaccinated are four times more likely to get COVID-19, five times more likely to be hospitalized, and 42 times more likely to be admitted to ICU.

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Proof of Vaccination Requirements

The Province's proof of vaccination system came into effect on Wednesday, September 22, 2021. Under the provincial requirements, in order to access certain indoor public settings and facilities, Ontarians aged 12 and older will need to provide proof that they are fully vaccinated, along with valid ID. Ontarians can print or download their vaccination receipt from the provincial booking portal. Ontario is developing an enhanced electronic vaccine certificate with a unique QR code and a verification app for businesses, which will be available by October 22. Read the Province's guidance for further information.

Those who need support obtaining a copy of their vaccination receipt, including those who do not have access to a computer or printer, can call the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre at 1-833-943-3900.

The Toronto Public Library is offering free printing of vaccination receipts at library branches across the city. You can use their computers and free WiFi to access, download and print your documentation. Click here for more information.

The City of Toronto will be working with businesses to educate them on the Province’s proof of vaccine requirements under the Reopening Ontario Act (ROA). Staff from Toronto Public Health and Municipal Licensing and Standards will continue to conduct inspections to ensure businesses are following the requirements and will work to respond to complaints. The public is reminded that instances of violence should be referred to the Toronto Police Service.

The City urges the public to be respectful of business operators who are required to follow the provincial regulations. Concerns regarding businesses or organizations not following the regulations should be directed to 311 for investigation. 911 should only be called when there is immediate threat, such as trespass, a physical assault, or a crime in progress.

The provincial proof of vaccination requirements are mainly focused on indoor, non-essential public settings where face coverings cannot always be worn. The proof of vaccination requirements apply to any customer entering the indoor areas of the following premises:

  • Restaurants, bars and other food or drink establishments, including those where dance facilities are provided such as nightclubs, and other similar establishments (excluding delivery and takeout);
  • Meeting and event spaces, such as banquet halls and conference/convention centres;
  • Facilities used for sports and fitness activities and personal fitness training, such as gyms, fitness and recreational facilities, including facilities where spectators watch events;
  • Casinos, bingo halls and gaming establishments;
  • Concert venues, theatres and cinemas;
  • Strip clubs, bathhouses and sex clubs;
  • Racing venues (e.g., horse racing);
  • Places where commercial film and television production takes place and there is a studio audience (the audience members are considered patrons).

Proof of vaccination is also required in the outdoor areas of:

  • Food or drink establishments where dance facilities are provided, including nightclubs, and other similar establishments, but not with respect to takeout and delivery service

Impact on City Recreation Facilities: The Provincial proof of vaccination and valid identification requirements will be imposed starting September 22 for many program participants, visitors and spectators entering indoor areas of City fitness centres and weight rooms, arenas, pools, gymnasiums, sport and fitness programs, meeting and event spaces and theatres. There are some exceptions.

Proof of vaccination is not required in premises providing essential services such as retail stores, grocery stores or where people receive medical care or medical supplies.

The Ministry of Health has released a Questions and Answers guide with more details. The City has also developed a helpful webpage about proof of vaccination.

All levels of government play important roles in delivering the COVID-19 vaccine to residents:

  • The federal government is responsible for approving vaccines as safe and effective for use and procuring them;
  • The provincial government is responsible for creating a provincial vaccination plan that includes distributing vaccines and supporting health system partners to deliver them to residents, starting with people who are most vulnerable; and
  • The City of Toronto will promote the importance of the vaccine, distribute vaccine doses and help immunize residents, investigate adverse events following immunization and share data with the province.

Please check the City’s website for updates:

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