Toronto Hydro's Great Exchange




In June 2010, Toronto Hydro will run The Great Exchange, a mass market energy conservation campaign encouraging its residential customers to reduce their energy use around the home.


The Great Exchange asks Toronto residents to take action by bringing in their room air conditioners and dehumidifiers in

exchange for a gift card as well as retiring their old incandescent light bulbs in exchange for more energy-efficient CFLs.  

There are over 35 Great Exchange events scheduled across the City in the first three (3) weeks of June at Toronto Rona, The Home Depot and Walmart stores as well as at seven (7) Community Environment Days.

At these events Toronto residents will be able to:

  • Exchange up to five incandescent light bulbs from home for five FREE Energy Star ®CFLs;
  • Exchange their  old, inefficient room air conditioner for a $25 gift card (to a max of 5)
  • Exchange their old dehumidifier for a $10 gift card(to a max of 5)

Participating in Toronto Hydro’s conservation programs is a great way for residents to lower their electricity usage and manage their Time-of-Use bills.

Details and event schedule can be found at

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