Taxicab industry review launches survey for taxicab riders

The City of Toronto has launched an online survey to gather information from taxicab passengers. The results will be used as part of an analysis of the appropriate number of taxicabs in the city.

The survey looks to gain information about how often people use taxicabs, when and where people usually get taxicabs and how long people typically wait for their ride.

The information collected will feed into Torontos ongoing Taxicab Industry Review.

Toronto taxicab riders are encouraged to take part in improving Toronto's taxicab industry by participating in the online survey at

The survey is being conducted by Taxi Research Partners. This research firm was hired by the City to produce an independent report that will examine the appropriate number of taxicabs and its economic impacts, including the potential for changes to Torontos taxicab fare system.

To be kept up to date on the review and other upcoming consultation opportunities, please sign up for the Taxicab Industry Review mailing list at

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