Riverdale Park Update

 Riverdale Park Improvements

I want to give you a quick update on Riverdale Park and get your suggestions for further park improvements.

I want to give you a quick update on Riverdale Park and get your suggestions for further park improvements.

  • St Matthew’s Bowling Club The historic St. Matthew’s Lawn Bowling Club was moved from its Gerrard St. location to its new home in Riverdale Park off of Broadview.  The rehabilitation of the clubhouse is underway and is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. I am looking for your ideas about how this beautiful heritage building can be best used by the community.
  • Native Tree Planting 63 native trees (Calliper) were planted at the south end of Riverdale Park to replace the trees which were removed to accommodate the St. Matthew’s Lawn Bowling Club in its new location.
  • Bike Trail The roadway and bike trail from Broadview to the Don Valley was re-surfaced and widened. 
  • Landscaping New landscaping and a stone walkway were added around the field house.
  • Running Track The running track was re-surfaced with clay and re-graded to prevent flooding.
  • Swimming Pool The majority of work on the pool was completed in time for the swim season and the remainder is scheduled to take place between Labour Day and Thanksgiving. 
  •  Dog Off Leash Area A new off leash area was opened in the north end of the park.
  • Tennis Courts All seven tennis courts are scheduled to be renovated in the fall. They will be re-surfaced and new permanent nets and benches will be installed.
  • Lighting In the fall, lighting will be installed along the west side of the park to link up with the pedestrian overpass in the north end of the park, around the perimeter of the running track, and the area south of the driveway.
  •  Over the next few months, the Parks Department in co-operation with the Design Exchange will be considering the landscaping around the Lawn Bowling Club as well as its uses; the relationship of the Park to the new Bridgepoint Hospital and to develop outstanding design and programming opportunities.

     As neighbours who enjoy this great city park, your ideas are important in this process. I would appreciate hearing from you by mail or email.



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