Riverdale Art Walk – Outdoor Art Show & Sale Submission



Riverdale Art Walk is a two-day, public fine art exhibition showcasing established and emerging artists in Jimmie Simpson Park in Toronto’s flourishing Queen East arts district. The first outdoor art show of Toronto’s season, participating artists are selected through an anonymous jury process, allowing an opportunity to participate in the only outdoor art show that focuses ONLY on fine art. It has consistently been rated by local artists as one of the best organized show in Toronto.

In fact, with our intensive orientation session and strong artists support, 96% of RAW artists indicated overall communications “Best Ever” or “Better than Average’, you don’t want to miss this show!

NEW THIS YEAR Indoor space available in Jimmie Simpson Community Centre! Over the past few years, we have had artists request indoor space. This year, we have secured space in the Jimmie Simpson Community Centre for a limited number of artists. You will be sheltered from the weather and will not have to pack and unpack your art at the end of each day. We will heavily promote and direct visitors to both indoor and outdoor booths.

IMPORTANT DATES AND FEES February 7, 2016 – Early Bird Deadline March 13, 2016 – Applications close March 31, 2016 – Notice of Acceptance April 19, 2016 - Orientation June 3, 2016 – Optional move in for Riverdale Art Walk June 4 and 5, 2016 - Riverdale Art Walk

APPLICATION FEES - The Artists’ Network has a 2-tier fee structure which includes a non-refundable administration fee of $35.00. If your work is not chosen by the jury, the Artists’ Network will refund the participation fee. All booths spaces are 10’ x 10’. Shared booths are not permitted. Please indicate either indoor or outdoor space preferred.


Early Bird – Sunday, February 7 Member: 275 + 35.75 HST = 310.75 Non-member: 325 + 42.25 HST = 367.25

Regular Submission – Sunday, March 13 Member: 325 + 42.25 HST = 367.25 Non-member: 375 + 48.75 HST = 423.75

Late Submission – Sunday, March 30 Member: 350 + 45.50 HST = 395.50 Non-member: 400 + 45.50 HST = 445.50

AUTOMATIC ACCEPTANCE FOR NETWORK MEMBERS – EARLY BIRD REG ONLY We value our members – if you are an Artists’ Network member, have shown in the Riverdale Art Walk in 2015 and have not substantially changed the focus of your art, you are automatically eligible to participate in this year’s shows. You MUST be a member at the time of submission AND during the Riverdale Art Walk dates. Applies to Early Bird submissions only.


QUESTIONS If you have any questions or need help with your application, please contact Angela at 416 659 5775.

NOT A MEMBER YET? IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Leverage the many benefits of membership, including free seminars, member-only shows, discounts, pop-up shows, corporate art installations, health & dental insurance and more. Learn more.

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