Put Food in the Budget

The Do the Math Challenge asks participants to rely on a diet that a person on social assistance might receive from a food bank for three days to a week.It is the latest stage in the Put Food in the Budget campaign for an immediate increase of $100 a month for every adult in Ontario receiving social assistance so that they can afford more healthy food.
The objectives of the Do the Math Challenge are:
  • Increase empathy with experience of people who rely on social assistance.
  • Raise awareness that charity is not enough – that the experience of people on social assistance is systemic not individual – and that policy change and social investments are required of the Ontario government
  • Translate public empathy into public action – for people to talk to their MPP’s about supporting an immediate increase in social assistance of $100 per month for every adult in Ontario on social assistance
If you accept this challenge you will be taking part in a public act of solidarity with people on social assistance. Your participation in this campaign can help raise awareness about this issue in your community and will also help us send a message to Premier McGuinty and his government to raise social assistance rates and to Put Food in the Budget.

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