Overnight on-street parking permits now available

The City has just made it possible for residents to acquire an overnight on-street parking permit for their guests.  City of Toronto residents can now obtain a temporary on-street parking permit for their guests for either a 24-hour or a 48-hour time period.

Permits, which are required for vehicles to be parked on streets designed for permit parking, can be obtained on-line.  The cost for a 24-hour permit is

eight dollars while a 48-hour permit is $12.

These permits will provide convenience – allowing guests to stay overnight or for a weekend.  And it takes away the possibility of getting a parking ticket.

All you need is access to a computer and printer, credit card, and just a couple of minutes to fill out some basic information in order to get the permit.  To get a permit, go to toronto.ca/transportation and follow the simple, step-by-step procedure. Weekly on-street parking permits can also be obtained through this method.

Residents can also apply for an overnight on-street parking permit in person at Toronto City Hall, Etobicoke Civic Centre and East York Civic Centre.  For more information about the City's parking permits, call 311.

This change is a direct result of  Councillor Fletcher's proposal to create two new temporary parking permit categories: the "Overnighter" and the "Weekender".

"There are many situations which call for a short term permit. At the moment, many weekend visitors or family members who are from out of town have to purchase a seven day temporary permit. I am asking staff to review the feasibility of creating shorter term parking permits to address this issue." said Councillor Fletcher.  

"In 2006, I was able to have the City introduce an on-line purchase system for temporary parking permits. This has proven to be very successful.  The time has come for another step forward for visitors to our neighbourhoods who need to park for a short period of time. My proposal for "The Overnighter" and The Weekender" is designed to address this issue."  


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