Ontario Line Traffic Plan Update

Community feedback helped shape city's traffic plans for upcoming Ontario Line construction along Pape.

City Transportation Services staff finalized its traffic plans for the next phase of Ontario Line construction along Pape.

These next phases will have traffic, transit and pedestrian impacts in the Pape & Danforth, Pape & Riverdale and Pape & Sammon areas.

Earlier this year I co-hosted two meetings alongside TDSB Trustee Sara Ehrhardt to discuss Metrolinx's original proposals and get residents' feedback to help the city develop solutions that work better for the local community.

As a result of this feedback, I'm pleased to share that Danforth bike lanes will be maintained in both directions during construction in the Pape and Danforth area.

I discuss these traffic plans in greater detail below. We'll consider these plans at Executive Committee this week before going to City Council later this month for final approval.

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Pape & Danforth

Metrolinx is demolishing buildings and excavating in the Pape & Danforth area to build the future Pape Ontario Line station.

The north sidewalk on Danforth will be closed between Pape and Eaton during demolition. A crosswalk will be installed at Eaton to provide pedestrian access to the south side of Danforth.

Protected pedestrian access from Pape Station's second exit to Eaton will continue to be maintained during much of the construction.

Metrolinx initially proposed closing the Danforth cycle tracks during construction. After hearing concerns from many of you, city staff pushed Metrolinx to find a new configuration that maintains the cycle tracks throughout the construction.

It also allows for businesses on the south side of Danforth east of Pape to have sidewalk patio cafés.

Thank you to city staff who worked very hard to find a solution to allow for the bike lanes to be kept open and to all the residents who shared suggestions that helped make these plans work best for the local community.

Pape & Sammon

The former Kentucky Fried Chicken site at Pape & Sammon will become an emergency exit for the Ontario Line. Traffic restrictions are required during construction.

Pape will be reduced to one lane in each direction between Sammon and Browning. Left turns from Sammon onto the Pape southbound lane and left turns from Pape to travel east on Sammon will also be prohibited.

City staff did not include Metrolinx's original proposal for turn restrictions at Fulton in their final plan.

These restrictions are scheduled to begin this June.

View the recording and presentation slides from the March 2024 meeting Trustee Ehrhardt and I hosted on construction impacts to the Pape & Danforth and Pape & Sammon areas.

Please note Metrolinx's original proposal was presented at the March meeting. The feedback we heard helped shape the new proposed configuration in the report.

Pape & Riverdale

Metrolinx is conducting extensive utility relocations around Pape Jr. Public School ahead of construction to build the Pape Ontario Line tunnel at the No-Frills Plaza on Carlaw.

Multiple traffic restrictions in the area are required to accommodate this work.

The 72 Pape Bus is scheduled to divert southbound on Carlaw between Danforth and Riverdale in early 2025 due to a temporary one-way restriction on Riverdale at Pape.

City staff investigated whether two way traffic could be maintained at Pape & Riverdale to allow the 72 bus to remain on its normal route, but found this would have a higher degree of community impact. If the diversion is implemented, additional measures to protect pedestrians and cyclists will be required.

My office has met with parents and staff at Pape Jr. Public School and Holy Name Catholic School and will continue working with them, local residents, city and TTC staff if this diversion proceeds.

I will share more info in the fall ahead of the scheduled diversion.

View the recording and presentation slides of the February 2024 meeting Trustee Ehrhardt and I hosted on construction impacts to the Pape-Riverdale area.

Read the full report going before Executive Committee this week.

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