New Mediah Mural in Leslieville!

The newest mural in Leslieville is bringing a lot of excitement to the Queen St. East and Boston Avenue intersection. Located on the side of 1014 Queen St. East, this powerful mural shares the space with a new popular Bike Share station.

The Mural Launch took place on Friday, November 3rd, 2017 at Queen St. East and Boston Ave. Councillor Paula Fletcher was joined by the artist MEDIAH (Evond Blake) and staff from StreetARToronto, Toronto Parking Authority (TPA), Bike Share and Public Realm.

MEDIAH began this signature mural on October 10th. He is an internationally renowned visual artist who has painted other murals across the City. Heavily inspired by avionics, mechanical engineering and schematics, his artwork glorifies and captures the essence of speed, motion, dynamism and force to create movement in the image surface.

MEDIAH has titled the mural 'GUIDANT'. His hope is that this colourful and vibrant mural will inspire community members to look at art and life differently and explore new life pathways. "The dynamic linework and energetic components are reminiscent of gears, spokes, bike paths, and the energy used in one's pursuit of 'reaching the destination'," he said.

"The wall was constantly tagged and became an eyesore for the community. Many residents have contacted me about transforming it. I'm delighted to add such a dynamic and animated mural to Leslieville," said Councillor Fletcher.

The project was jointly funded by Toronto Parking Authority and StreetARToronto. "This is a fantastic mural to have beside a Bike Share station, it revitalizes the area and will certainly create a welcoming environment for cycling," said Andy Koropeski of TPA.

This mural was made possible with support from Councillor Fletcher, StreetARToronto, Toronto Parking Authority, Bike Share and Public Realm, as well as help from 55 Division.

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