My Statement on the Current Situation with Mayor Rob Ford

Dear Friends,

Yesterday Chief Bill Blair delivered very troubling news about an ongoing police investigation of Mayor Rob Ford. Like most Torontonians, I was deeply shocked and disappointed by these revelations. For months, Mayor Ford has denied any video exists and suggested there is a conspiracy against him in the press. Chief Blair has put this claim to rest, and it is now clear the Mayor has not been truthful with his supporters, his colleagues, and most importantly the residents of Toronto.

I believe the Mayor has a responsibility to address these allegations with the truth.

Many of you have written to me to ask that Council take action to remove the Mayor from office. This is not possible to do - the only person who can remove the Mayor from office is the Mayor. Yesterday, I called on Mayor Ford to act in keeping with the integrity of the Office of the Mayor, to provide the public with an explanation and take the appropriate steps to handle his situation. I was disheartened to see Mayor Ford refuse to do so.

On a personal level I am concerned for the health of the Mayor and his family, and hope he seeks the help that he appears to need. Professionally, this behaviour is not acceptable from the leader of Canada's largest City and I believe Toronto deserves honest, transparent and accountable behaviour from all of its elected officials.

I believe that for the sake of our City, and indeed the Mayor's own health and dignity, Mayor Ford should now step aside.

Toronto deserves better.


Councillor Paula Fletcher Ward 30 - Toronto Danforth

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