Milestone Achieved in Historic Port Lands Project

New bridges and roads opened this week are key milestones in the transformation of the Port Lands.

The opening of the new bridges and realigned roads are important milestones in the Port Lands Flood Protection Project.

This historic $1.25 billion project will provide critical flood protection and transform our waterfront, resulting in a new piece of Toronto in the Port Lands.

The naturalization of the mouth of the Don River is a key part of this work, fulfilling a long awaited dream of many east-enders for a new river course into the Inner Harbour of Lake Ontario.

The project also entails the creation of a new river valley, approximately 100 acres of parkland and Villiers Island, the east end's future waterfront community in the Port Lands.

Getting our new Waterfront Right

I have worked very hard over many years to get this project off the ground and ensure we get waterfront redevelopment right.

I was pleased City Council supported my motion last year to increase affordable housing on Villiers Island to 30 percent.

I also stood up to both Rob Ford's proposed waterfront mall and hotel along with Google Sidewalks Labs plans for both Quayside and the Port Lands.

The waterfront should be a place where everyone can live, not just the wealthy. Thank you to everyone who has fought alongside me throughout the years to keep this space public, beautiful and for everyone.

Progress in the Port Lands

That's why I am so glad to see this milestone achieved this week and all the progress made since we first 'turned over the soil' in 2018.

These new bridges will link Villiers Island to other areas of the transformed Port Lands and the rest of the city.

The Cherry Street South Bridge opened in 2022. A second Cherry Street North Bridge will be built across the Keating Channel to accommodate a future transit line into the Port Lands.

The future Keating Channel Pedestrian Bridge will connect the central waterfront to Villiers Island and the expanded park system along the new mouth of the Don River.

What's Next?

The gradual flooding of the new Don River mouth will begins soon.

The entire Port Lands Flood Protection project, including Villiers Island, is expected to finish by year's end. Construction of mix-used developments planned for Villiers Island is anticipated to begin in 2025.

These new bridges and roads change how you get to and around the Portlands. Learn more.

I will keep you updated on the transformative work happening in the Port Lands.

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