News Release - Creating an Affordable Future for Toronto's Newest Waterfront Community

Public consultations on adding more affordable housing and density for Villiers Island start tonight.


Rendering of planned Villiers Island using Aerial view with Toronto skyline in background

TORONTO - Public consultations led by Waterfront Toronto and the city begin tonight on options to increase affordable housing targets to 30 per cent for Villiers Island, the new community to be created in the Port Lands.

"This is such great news. I've worked very hard to get City Council to increase the affordable housing planned for Villiers Island to 30 per cent.” said Fletcher. “Everyone should have a chance to live on our new Waterfront.”

Fletcher's 2021 motion directed the city to report on adding affordable housing to the Villiers Island plan. Her 2022 motions in July and December supported by City Council increased affordable housing and density targets from 20 to 30 per cent for the planned mixed-use community on city-owned land.

“More density will have to be added to meet our 30 per cent housing target,” says Fletcher. "It will allow for a truly mixed community of co-operative, rent-geared-to-income, seniors and mid-range rental housing on this impressive new waterfront site being created out of the Portlands flood protection project."

"Villiers Island can be a shining example of how we can help solve the housing crisis by utilizing city-owned land and smart planning policies to create much needed purpose-built affordable housing."

The proposals to increase Villiers Island's density and affordable housing targets were adopted at the Planning and Housing Committee in February. They also established the public consultation process beginning today.

The first virtual public consultation meeting is tonight at 6:00 p.m.


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