Media Release - Keeping Santa on Track

For immediate release December 16, 2020

Toronto, ON – This Christmas will be different, but it doesn't mean that Santa can't visit to bring some magic and joy to children in Toronto.

City Councillor Paula Fletcher has put forward a motion, seconded by Mayor Tory, to ensure Santa is able to make his annual Christmas trip safely. The motion requests the Government of Ontario to deem Santa Claus an essential service and also requests the Government of Canada take the necessary actions required to exempt him and his reindeer from quarantine measures.

With other countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Ireland, Belgium and Australia already taking steps to exempt Santa from COVID-19 related restrictions, governments in Canada should similarly take action to assure children that, despite the current pandemic, Santa will still be able to visit Canadian homes and make spirits bright.

Councillor Paula Fletcher said, "It has been a difficult year and children shouldn't have to worry that Santa won't be able to visit. I believe he has special magic that will keep him safe, but we should also practice physical distancing if we run into him."

In regards to public health concerns, world renowned immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci has advised that Santa is exempt from COVID-19 and has innate immunity, similar to the Easter Bunny.

As for possible enforcement challenges, Santa can be easily recognized through a series of identifiers – his red suit and hat, his long snow white beard, his boots and his cherry nose. He can also be identified by his laugh – Ho Ho Ho! – and the eight reindeer that pull his sleigh, plus Rudolph with his bright red nose. The City will be sure to notify the COVID-19 Enforcement Team.

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