Local Councillor supports Dust Management Protocols

TORONTO – Councillor Paula Fletcher welcomed renewed efforts by the Toronto Port Lands Company (TPLC) and BUILD Toronto to tackle the ongoing dust problems on Commissioners Street.

“The time for consistent and effective eradication and mitigation efforts is long overdue,” said Fletcher. "I am glad the Toronto Port Lands Corporation ( TPLC) is taking charge of this issue and recognizes the solution will be a

multi-faceted approach which involves not only their leaseholders but also the private companies operating out of the Port Lands,”

At a recent meeting convened by TPLC, representatives of several major companies operating in the Port Lands agreed to research best practices, initiate dust monitoring and elimination protocols, and work together over the winter months to develop an appropriate dust management program.

A plan to address the dust issue, which has been the source of complaints by recreational users, visitors, workers and developers, will be developed and implemented by spring 2011.

TPLC Senior Property Manager Alan Kearsey proposed a number of potential solutions at the meeting, including the collective hiring of a private company to augment sweeping efforts already being carried out by the City of Toronto, as well as hard-surfacing areas that are currently not paved.

"Having a City Right of Way Management Supervisor and a By-Law Officer in attendance at the meeting was extremely helpful and sends a strong message," said Fletcher. "I hope these companies are willing to take responsibility and work together in the short term to find a long term solution. If not, then we will have to move toward stronger enforcement at both the City and Provincial levels."

Formerly known as TEDCO, the Toronto Port Lands Company's mandate is to lease and manage properties and continue its environmental stewardship exclusively in the City's port area.

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