Lighting of the Luminous Veil

ViaductLighting The Luminous Veil debuted July 4 in a remarkable evening on the Bloor Viaduct that included a special TORONTO 2015 Torch Relay celebration, a surprise
performance by July Talk - and the premier lighting of the Luminous Veil! Stay tuned for coverage here of the incredible night - and click here for our Facebook album of the event, including spectacular shots of the premier lighting of the Veil! The Luminous Veil is a City of Toronto Host City Showcase Program initiative, created to support the spirit and legacy of the TORONTO 2015 Games. Explore the videos, pics and stories here to learn more about this extraordinary project.

Video Series: Luminous Veil In our five-part Luminous Veil video series, go behind the scenes to meet the designer of the Luminous Veil. Learn how the bridge's tragic past inspired the design, gain an insight into the environmentally-responsive lighting, and much, much more.

Full Story: History, inspiration and July 4 reveal! Learn more about the Bloor Viaduct's history, how the Luminous Veil came to be, the unique lighting concept, and why Luminous Night on July 4 was celebrated and will be remembered!

Plus!... Don’t miss the story, 'Bloor Viaduct & Luminous Veil: 10 Things You Should Know', and explore the photo gallery to see the construction of the bridge from the beginning.

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