The Star: Ice storm: Power back on for young family after six days

Marco Chown Oved - Dec 28 2013

Danielle Young is eight-and-a-half months pregnant, but during the six-day blackout at her house, that was the least of her worries.

Standing on their doorstep with the door wide open because the temperature was about the same inside as out, Danielle Young and her two kids let out a big cheer.

Griffin, 4, stuck a big thumbs-up out to the Toronto Hydro crew working on the lines across the street, but it was 2-year-old Hazel who summed it up best: “The power’s back on!”

As the bulb above their heads lit up for the first time in six days, Young, who is eight-and-a-half months pregnant, heaved a sigh of relief. After a week of moving her family around from house to house, she could finally turn her mind to the task at hand: preparing for a new baby.


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