City of Toronto launches blog as resource on heritage conservation districts

The City of Toronto has launched a new blog to help Torontonians learn more about the Heritage Conservation District (HCD) studies and plans happening throughout the city. The blog is called Heritage Conservation Districts in Toronto.

"The new blog will be a resource to learn about milestones, events and ways to participate in the heritage conservation district studies and plans currently underway in the city," said Councillor Peter Milczyn (Ward 5 Etobicoke Lakeshore), Chair of the Planning and Growth Management Committee. "This is an example of how we want Torontonians to be better informed and more engaged in our city."

Each HCD study or plan has a dedicated section in the blog where readers can find detailed background information, study area boundary maps, read community consultation presentations and use feedback forms. The blog also has historic photo galleries and a page dedicated to answering frequently asked questions.

"This is a really exciting initiative that creates a meaningful way for us to share our work with the public, while also creating a vehicle through which we can collect feedback that will in turn shape our work," said Jennifer Keesmaat, Toronto's Chief Planner. The Heritage Conservation Districts in Toronto blog will be updated regularly to ensure that anyone interested in these studies has access to all of the latest information.

The City of Toronto is currently studying five potential HCDs, comprising about 2,000 properties. The five areas being studied are:

  • Historic Yonge Street: Yonge Street between Davenport Road to the north and Carlton Street to the south, including areas west of Yonge Street on Carlton Street, Wellesley Street, St. Joseph Street, St. Nicholas Street and Irwin Avenue.
  • Garden District: from Allan Gardens south to Moss Park between Jarvis and Sherbourne Streets
  • St. Lawrence: from Adelaide Street south to the railway corridor, between Yonge and Parliament Streets
  • Queen Street East: Queen Street East from the Don River to DeGrassi Street
  • King/Spadina: between University Avenue and Bathurst Street east of Spadina Avenue, the study area runs between Queen and Wellington Streets. West of Spadina Avenue, the study area runs between Adelaide and Front Streets.
Each area is subject to two phases of work an HCD study followed by an HCD plan. HCDs are enclosed by a boundary and designated under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act. Once an area receives the HCD designation, the heritage designation helps manage change and growth within the historic neighbourhood. District plans are designated to protect and maintain heritage value and character.

More information is available at The blog is maintained by Heritage Preservation Services, City Planning Division.

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