Has Anybody Seen Jimi?

"Has Anybody Seen Jimi?" is a poem by east end poet Valentino Assenza.

If you have any poetry, photographs, or art inspired by Ward 30 neighbourhoods, please send it to [email protected]


Has Anybody Seen Jimi?

By Valentino Assenza


Why did they take Jimi's picture down?


He wasn't hurting anybody,

he was just minding his own business

keeping watch

over Leslieville

picking at his guitar

while the wind cried Mary.


I passed it on the 501


heading westbound

into the thick of the smoke

the cogs of the grind.


On that east wall,

where that guitar shop used to be,

how many musicians

would say

"I bought it at that guitar shop with Jimi on the wall?"

as they we're sitting in their basements

showing off their shiny new Gibson.


Now that guitar shop is no more,

another domino falling

in the ever changing chameleon

we call a city.


Now it's a tea shop,

and where Jimi used to be

is a psychedelic confusion.


How did they know

Jimi didn't like to sip

on an orange pekoe, or even

a camomile after a show?

Next time I'm on the 501

heading westbound,

I'll keep my eyes in my book,

do my best not look up

just before Leslie,

I'll try not to mourn

you Jimi.


I know that your vibe

is still reverberating

within these confines,

smiling down upon

those good natured


who go by "Mom and Pop"

staving off the attack

from the big box stores

Keeping people

with tipsy heads

and full bellies

in funky restaurants,

and helping them

rise to greet a good morning,

in Tango Palaces


So long Jimi,

glad it wasn't a wrecking ball,

could have stopped it if

I had some of that voodoo,

but no such luck,

I'll be strong

you'll see me turn into a beast

I'll be standing next to a mountain.



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