Gratitude for Riverdale!

Riverdale is the first stop for Daily Bread ‘Gratitude Bag’ summer food drive


gratitude bag









Until we can create a fairer and more just society where no one is hungry, foodbanks serve a critical role in ensuring some of our friends and neighbours eat. So many Riverdale residents donate to food banks at holiday time. This is a special summer food drive to help those families that rely on foodbanks year round.

The Gratitude Bag project is a community-based initiative focused on raising food donations. Residents receive an empty bag in the morning, and are asked to fill it with non-perishable food items then leave it on their porch for pick up.  In the evening, volunteers pick up the bags and the food is distributed through the Daily Bread Food Bank.  You can learn more about this great project here: or on Facebook here:

On the streets below a Gratitude Bay bag will be delivered Tuesday morning and picked up after 6pm the same day.

gratitude bag streets





If you live on a street where volunteers will not be picking up the Gratitude Bag, you can make your donation of non-perishable foods at the Riverdale Fire Station 324 at Carlaw and Gerrard.

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