Feedback Survey on Draft Recommendations for Existing Dogs Off-Leash Areas

With the number of people and dogs in Toronto growing, the use of dogs off-leash areas (OLAs) continues to increase. The Parks & Recreation Facilities Master Plan (2017) recommended the City develop criteria for improving existing dogs off-leash areas.

This survey is part of the City-Wide Study of Existing Dogs Off-Leash Areas. The goals of the study overall are to:

  • Improve existing off-leash areas through better design, maintenance, and operation
  • Encourage healthy relationships between dog owners and non-dog owners
  • Elevate off-leash areas as spaces that provide a healthy, safe, accessible, and sustainable environment
  • Develop guidelines to ensure consistent maintenance and operation across Toronto
  • Develop design recommendations that can be applied to all existing off-leash areas
  • Improve community involvement and develop future ongoing partnerships
In this survey, we want to hear what you think about the study's draft recommendations for improving existing off-leash areas. These recommendations were developed to achieve the goals of the study identified above. They have been informed by the technical work completed by the project team and feedback from an earlier public survey, stakeholder consultations, and pop-up events in off-leash areas. Visit the study website,, to review summaries of this feedback and learn about next steps of the project.

Please note that all recommendations are to guide decisions related to future improvements, and implementation of the recommendations will be dependent on the availability of funding.

The draft recommendations are organized into the following sections:

  1. Design Recommendations: Shade
  2. Design Recommendations: Surfacing Material
  3. Design Recommendations: Fencing and Entrances
  4. Design Recommendations: Amenities
  5. Design Recommendations: Lighting
  6. Design Recommendations: Water
  7. Operations and Maintenance Recommendations
  8. Administrative Recommendations
This survey takes about 25 minutes to complete, though you have the option of skipping sections. It is an anonymous survey — please do not include any personal information such as your name or telephone number in your responses. The survey will be available until February 18, 2020.

Survey link:

Other ways to complete this survey: If you prefer to complete this survey over the telephone, please call L. Genua, Research Analyst, Parks, Forestry & Recreation Division, at 416-392-0084.

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