Eliminating the Personal Vehicle Tax (PVT)

Council approved the termination of the City's Personal Vehicle Tax (PVT) effective January 1, 2011. All vehicle plate validation holders who live in the City of Toronto and have birthdays from January 1, 2011 onward will not have to pay the PVT. Those with birthdays in 2010 prior to January 1, 2011 will still be required to pay the PVT. Vehicle owners who purchased a two-year renewal in 2010 will receive a refund for the 2011 year.

City staff estimate that it will take four to six weeks for the City to receive the renewal information from the Province. Those who qualify will automatically be reimbursed by the City within two to three months.

More information is available at http://www.toronto.ca/finance/revenue_tools.htm and by calling the City of Toronto at 311.   You can also read a Fact Sheet (PDF) and an FAQ (PDF) which provide more details on the elimination of the PVT.

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