Economic Development and Culture Divisional Strategy 2018-22

Over the past several months, Economic Development and Culture (EDC) has consulted with over 400 residents and industry partners to develop the new Divisional Strategy. They heard from many consultation participants who spoke to the importance of business and culture and their role in creating strong, prosperous communities. At the same time, EDC knows that there is work to be done to ensure that all Torontonians can share the benefits of a vibrant economy and culture, and to help business and culture partners succeed amid transformation and change.

The Economic Development and Culture Divisional Strategy includes strategic goals and actions to support the community and the business and culture sectors over the next five years. The Strategy's focus areas include tactics to accelerate improvements towards more:

• Equity and Inclusion • Talent and Innovation • Space and Access • Operational Excellence

Download the Divisional Strategy and learn more about the five-year framework guiding the development of the Division’s programs and services

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