Support Affordable Housing on Danforth

On Thursday, October 12th City Council will consider my motion to support the development of new affordable housing at 1117 Danforth Ave, currently a supportive housing facility operated by Houselink/Mainstay. 

The property is aging and requires accessibility upgrades. An applicant on the adjacent site has indicated a willingness to partner with Houselink/Mainstay, using the model piloted here in Ward 14 with the Riverdale Co-op, to create new affordable housing and revitalize the existing units. This is a tremendous opportunity to create the new affordable and supportive housing we so urgently need. 

My motion, MM11.3, directs the City to use Section 37 money to support pre-development work needed to ensure these units are built. 

Send a letter to City Council today and make your voice heard. 




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