Danforth memorial to be decommissioned August 23rd

The memorial for those affected by the tragic incident that took place on the Danforth on July 22nd will be closed on Thursday, August 23rd at 11:00 am. The memorial was re-located to Logan Green Field Parkette (921 Logan Ave) on August 9th. The City will respectfully remove all remaining items. Below you can find further details.

  • Parks, Forestry and Recreation will be responsible for removing what remains at Logan Green Field so that the park can be returned to its natural state.
  • Parks gardeners will remove dead/dying flowers respectfully.
  • Staff will gather any items stuffed animals, pictures, toys and etc. left at the memorial in boxes for temporary holding.
  • Parks carpenters will take down the boarding with messages of support.
  • Parks will transport the boarding and hold on to it for the time being.
  • Parks staff know to treat this site and the decommissioning with respect and will be very careful when clearing Logan Green Field.
  • The City archivist has already taken some historically and locally significant items for storage in the City's collection.
  • The City and BIAs are following the 30 day limit on temporary memorials, as outlined in the City's policy, and have prepared it for clearing.
  • Every step of the way, the City (through PF&R and EDC) has been working closely with the area BIAs
  • Representatives from both BIA's will be on site to assist and advise on objects.
  • The BIAs may choose to leave with items of value to them.
  • The City of Toronto has been inspired by the outpouring of grief, concern and love for those killed or injured in the tragic events this year in North York and the Danforth. The City has policies regarding monuments and memorials which will help guide the process to commemorate these events and honour those impacted. The development of permanent memorials will take time in order to allow for meaningful conversations and reflection with the community.

    All permanent memorials and monuments that are commissioned by or donated to the City become part of the City's Public Art and Monuments Collection, which is managed and maintained by the City through the Economic Development & Culture division. Council approved an updated process for receiving donated works in 2017. The City's process for commissioning a memorial or monument is a multi-year process that first involves public consultations and then an open competition for a memorial design, which will be installed on a site that, in the community's view, is relevant and appropriate to the marking the tragedy. The victims and their families will be a key and specific component of the consultation process. The City of Toronto will initiate the consultation process for these memorials in late 2018. Public donations to victims and survivors through the #TorontoStrong Fund will not be used for the memorials. The entirety of these donated funds will be distributed to the victims.

    The Parks, Forestry and Recreation division becomes involved in maintaining temporary memorials that are set up in parks, and they work with the community on decommissioning the memorials after they have been in place for 30 days. In accordance with this policy and the wishes of the local community, City staff will work with local organizations to dismantle the Danforth temporary memorial on August 23. City staff have collected items from the temporary memorial on the Danforth for preservation as part of the City of Toronto's artifact collection.

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