Coxwell and Fairford Intersection Redesign


To Residents of Rhodes, Craven, Ashdale, Hiawatha, Woodfield, Fairford and Walpole:

The Fairford Avenue intersection has been partially closed so the City’s Transportation staff can test out two concepts on how to redesign the


The intersection will be redesigned to:

  • Prevent traffic infiltration
  • Improve pedestrian safety
  • Improve its look and make it more beautiful

My office has received many complaints of a high volume of cars cutting through the neighbourhood in the morning and evening rush hours and that the wide mouth of the intersection is not safe or appealing for pedestrians.

The first pilot will be carried out from March 22 to April 23. The second pilot and closure will be carried out from May 3 to May 28.

While the city is testing these two designs I would like to know what you think. Please send me your comments. As well, if you would like to be kept informed or attend the community meeting, please email my office.

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