Construction Notice - Watermain Replacement on Broadview Ave.

Contract #.: 14PP-06WS

Project Start Date: May 11, 2015

Expected Completion Date: December 31, 2015

WatermainReplacementThe City of Toronto is replacing watermains in your area. This project will also involve replacing the City-owned portion of any substandard water services in order to improve water system capacity and quality. This project is part of the 2014 Council approved Watermain Replacement Program.

The watermain replacement work will take place on Broadview Avenue from Danforth Avenue to Westwood Avenue. We recognize that a project of this nature is disruptive to the community. We are committed to working efficiently to manage and lessen the inconvenience, and complete the work as quickly as possible.

Construction Details

This project includes:

  • Replacing the existing watermain
  • Replacing the City-owned portion of water services and substandard water services
  • Replacing system valves and fire hydrants
  • Restoring boulevards, roadway and driveways impacted by construction.
Work Hours

WatermainReplacement2Work will typically take place from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, with work after hours and a 24-hours schedule on weekends as required.

Work between Danforth Ave. and Erindale Ave. including the Danforth Ave. and Broadview Ave. intersection will happen May 11 to 31 and the weekends of August 1,2,3 (Civic Holiday); August 15,16; August 22,23 and September 5,6,7 (Labour Day). Weekend work will be conducted on a 24-hour schedule to accommodate traffic and transit operations in the area.

Please note:

  • TTC streetcars travelling to Broadview station will be replaced by buses during the weekend work
  • Work will not take place August 7, 8, 9, 2015 during the Taste of the Danforth
  • Further updates will be provided through Construction Updates during the work
  • There will be no construction from June 1, 2015 to July 26, 2015 due to the Pan Am Games

As with all construction projects, there will be noise and temporary inconveniences. Access for all services (i.e. garbage collection, emergency vehicles, etc.) will be maintained. The contractor will notify you of any temporary disruptions. Every effort will be made to reduce the inconvenience.

During this work, traffic and TTC bus service will be maintained with temporary lane restrictions. Work will take place on the west side of Broadview Avenue with the southbound lanes closed. Traffic will be temporarily moved to the east side of Broadview Avenue with one southbound lane and one northbound lane

There will be no parking or standing in the active work zones due to space requirements for construction equipment and materials.

Residents can expect increased traffic on nearby main roads and side streets. All efforts will be made to manage traffic in the area. The contractor will place signs before the work zone to advise pedestrians, motorists and cyclists of the lane restrictions.


Boulevard Work

This project will include work within boulevard areas. Property owners in the affected area are reminded to remove any privately owned items from the boulevard that may be in conflict with the construction. The City will not be responsible for damage to any privately owned items installed on the City’s property.

Substandard Water Service Replacement

A water service is the pipe that connects your house to the City’s water distribution system to deliver water into your home. There are two portions to the water service – the privately-owned portion and the publicly-owned portion.

The privately-owned portion runs from the property line to the home and is owned by the property owner; the City-owned portion runs from the property line to the watermain and is owned by the City.

The City will replace the City-owned portion of any substandard water service connection discovered during construction. The City is not responsible for replacing the privately-owned portion of the water service.

Your water service may be considered substandard if:

  • the water service is made of lead or galvanized metal;
  • the water service is smaller than the City’s 19mm standard size;
  • it is a double service, delivering water to more than one residential property; or
  • it is leaking or broken.
If you are considering replacing the privately-owned section of the service it is recommended that you obtain at least three quotes from licensed contractors before deciding which company to hire. Property owners may contact the same contractor retained by the City (see below) to obtain an estimate for replacing the private portion of the water service at the same time as the public portion.

PLEASE NOTE: any contract entered into is between the home owner and the contractor.

Please take the time to read the attached fact sheet carefully as it contains important information on replacement of lead pipes and potential health concerns.

Project Contractor:

Company/Contractor:  Midome Construction Services Ltd.

Contact Person:  Michael Lamanna

Phone: Office: (905)738-2211

For more information:

City website:

Contact:  Taras Pawluk [email protected]

Consultant Field Ambassador Cell: 416-806-1763 WSP Canada Inc.

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