Construction Notice #16: Port Lands Flood Protection

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Traffic Notice

Partial Lane Closure on Lake Shore Boulevard May 28-June 3 From Wednesday, May 28 to Wednesday, June 3, there will be partial lane closures on Lake Shore Boulevard between Don Roadway and Carlaw Avenue. Closures will take place between the hours of 10pm-5am. This is to allow crews to take water samples to support ongoing design work.

Lane Restrictions: Cherry Street Between Polson Street and Commissioners Street June 2020 The intersection of Cherry and Polson Streets is being shifted to the east to facilitate construction of the Cherry Street South Bridge over the future river valley. This work is scheduled to start June 2020 and be completed July 2020.


Through June 2020, expect lane restrictions on Cherry Street between Commissioners and Polson Streets. As part of this work, crews will also remove the Cherry Street medians on the north and south side of Commissioners Street. While this work is underway, the Martin Goodman Trail will be shifted to the west side of Cherry Street between Commissioners Street and Polson Street. To access the trail at this location, cyclists and pedestrians can cross eastbound at the intersection of Commissioners and Cherry Streets and Polson and Cherry Streets.

Truck crossing at Lower Don Trail

Starting in late June 2020, crews will begin moving material in and out of the future Sediment and Debris Management Area. This is the area west of Don Roadway and north of Lake Shore Boulevard (see map below). This operation will continue through Summer 2021 as the site is prepared for excavation. Construction vehicles will intermittently cross the Lower Don Recreational Trail (see map below for truck routes) on weekdays between the hours of 7am-5pm. Currently, no work is scheduled on weekends. After evaluation, the construction manager determined that a detour initially planned for the Lower Don Trail at this location should be completed at a later date. Widening and deepening the Don River at this location is a critical part of our design for flood protection.


• Signs will be installed on the trail to alert cyclists and pedestrians to possible truck crossing. • Signs will also be installed to ensure truck operators are aware that they must yield to cyclists and pedestrians. • A flagperson will control traffic at these locations, giving priority to pedestrians and cyclists. • The trail will be cleaned continuously.


Commissioners Street Commissioners Street remains closed between Cherry Street and Don Roadway. Don Roadway remains closed between Commissioners Street and Villiers Street. Both closures will remain in place until Summer 2022.

Cherry Street Cherry Street will ultimately be rebuilt farther west of its current path and connected to two new bridges over the Keating Channel, one for transit and another for motor vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. The existing Cherry Street and lift bridge over the Keating Channel will remain open until the new bridges open. To prepare for this road and bridge construction, crews are currently pre-loading the area with soil and installing bridge foundations.


Expect a temporary increase in construction traffic along Unwin Avenue and Cherry Street as trucks deliver soil to the location of future Cherry Street for pre-loading.

Temporary Utilities

Temporary utilities will be installed on Commissioners Street in June, followed by the removal of existing utilities along Commissioners Street.


There should be no disruptions to the power or water supply for local businesses.


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