Construction Notice #10: Port Lands Flood Protection


Excavation continues on the first section of the new river valley. The new river valley will be part of a new parks and natural green spaces – when construction is complete in 2024, we will have created 41 hectares of parks and habitats for wildlife of all kinds, including about 6,000 new trees.

This week, we begin installing cut-off walls that will keep the excavated area stable and dry as work progresses. Watertight retaining structures (called secant piles) will be installed along the edges of the new river valley. In total, we’ll install 3,000 secant piles over the course of the next several months. A small facility will be set up on site to produce concrete for the secant piles, allowing us to avoid additional truck traffic for material deliveries. This facility will operate under Provincial Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks approvals.


  • The bulk of this work is scheduled on weekdays between 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Secant piles will be installed by drill rigs. This drilling is expected to create some noise. For details about how we’ll monitor and manage noise during construction, read this summary of the Air Quality and Noise Monitoring Plan.
  • The impact of this work on traffic will be minimal.
  • During excavation and stockpiling, we anticipate some odours. For details about how we’ll monitor and manage odours during construction, read this summary of the Odour Monitoring Plan. Some soil will also be transported off site for treatment

Area 1, 2: Construction on New Cherry Street and foundation for the new Cherry Street North Bridge (existing bridge and street remain open)

Area 3: Soil stockpiling

Area 4, 5: Excavation of new river valley

Area 6,7 and 8: Excavation, demolition

Area 6, 7: Tree removal and demolition

Area 9: Site preparation and demolition

The shape of the new river valley has been established at Cherry and Commissioners Streets. The southern shoreline of the new river valley is visible in this photo.

Drill rigs at the construction site east of Cherry Street and south of Commissioners street are ready to start installing secant piles along the shoreline of the new river valley as we begin deeper excavation.

Crews will drill through these guide walls to help install secant piles in the correct locations.


Lakefilling is almost complete – around 230,000 cubic metres of locally sourced clean material has been placed around Essroc Quay to form the northwest corner of the future Villers Island.

Fish gates have arrived – these will be installed at key locations to protect new habitats from invasive species of fish.

Marine landscapers have started placing salvaged trees into the new habitat coves. The trees will be secured in place using stone. To learn more, visit


To learn more about this project, please visit Use this online form to send us questions or concerns about construction or email us at [email protected]. For urgent construction related issues, please contact Cameron Coleman, EllisDon, at 416-464-3583.

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