Clearing The Air on the TTC

"Clearing The Air on the TTC", a new report published by the Toronto Environmental Alliance reveals that Light Rail Transit (LRT) offers the best hope for combatting climate change in Toronto.

The report notes that –per dollar spent- LRT systems emit less than half the greenhouse gases of subways. And because LRT systems are cheaper and faster to build, more can be built, reaching more people and therefore getting more cars

off the road sooner.

The report also provides some new statistics on the environmental benefits of existing TTC subway, streetcar and bus services. Existing service is estimated to avoid pumping almost 360,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions into the environment because people don’t drive. Put differently, because of the TTC, Torontonians aren’t burning the equivalent of 140 million litres of gas a year.

You can read the full report here (PDF)

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