City of Toronto launches 2022 rate-supported budgets for public input

The City of Toronto’s 2022 staff-recommended rate-supported operating and capital budgets were launched at Budget Committee today. The City has three rate-supported programs funded through user fees: Toronto Water, Solid Waste Management Services and the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA).

Toronto residents and businesses are encouraged to share their views on the rate-supported budgets, and associated services, service levels, rates and user fees, by registering to speak at the Budget Committee meeting of November 19 or by submitting written comments and feedback prior to the meeting. More information about how to get involved in the budget process is available here .

City divisions and agencies have been asked to build their operating and capital budget requests with the guiding principles of addressing the ongoing financial challenges that have been created by the COVID-19 pandemic, prioritizing initiatives that will support economic recovery efforts, and finding opportunities to make environmentally and socially responsible investments to make Toronto a more equitable and sustainable place to live, work and do business.

Toronto Water’s 2022 rate-supported budget will ensure the City continues to provide quality drinking water and wastewater treatment services, while dealing with the impact of extreme storms, including basement flooding; aging infrastructure; and significant city growth. The recommended budget consists of: an operating budget of $1.4 billion including a capital reserve contribution of $975.8 million; a 2022 capital budget of $1.4 billion –the largest capital program delivered by Toronto Water in its history that follows two years of historic investments of more than $1 billion each year. The 2022 capital budget invests in the construction of new assets and the renewal of existing infrastructure; and a 10-year capital plan of $15.1 billion. The budget notes that Toronto Water does not have any unmet needs over the 10-year capital budget planning horizon. The 2022 Toronto Water operating budget recommends a three per cent rate increase. The average household would see a $29 total annual cost increase next year.

The Solid Waste Management Services recommended 2022 budget provides funding to support the delivery of solid waste management programs and services, as well as safety enhancements to trucks, state-of-good-repair projects for solid waste infrastructure and the continued development of renewable energy infrastructure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The budget also enables the continued implementation of the Long Term Waste Management Strategy, which supports waste reduction, reuse and the move towards a circular economy, as well as preparation for the transition of the City’s blue bin recycling program to Extended Producer Responsibility. The recommended budget consists of: an operating budget of $377.8 million, plus a capital reserve contribution of $13.1 million; a capital budget of $69.7 million; and a 10-year capital plan of $849.1 million. A rate increase of three per cent is recommended in 2022.

The recommended 2022 operating and capital budgets for the TPA ensure the continued availability of more than 18,000 on-street and 40,000 off-street parking spaces across 307 locations throughout the city. TPA also manages the Bike Share Toronto program, which includes 6,850 bikes and 625 bike stations, spanning 200 square kilometers. The recommended budget consists of: a gross operating expenditure budget of $105.9 million and $120.3 million in gross revenue for on-street parking, off-street parking and the Bike Share program; a capital budget of $35.2 million; and a 10-year capital plan of $201.5 million. The TPA 2022 budget contemplates a parking rate freeze to encourage the return of customers and to support local Business Improvement Areas.

Budget Committee will review the staff-recommended rate-supported budgets and hear public deputations on Friday, November 19. Executive Committee will consider these budgets on Tuesday, December 7 and City Council will consider them for final approval at its meeting on Wednesday, December 15. Once approved, these rate increases are effective as of Saturday, January 1, 2022.

The City’s 2022 operating and capital budget for all other services and programs will be considered by Budget Committee in January 2022.

Budget notes, presentations and reports are available online.


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