City of Toronto Winter Services 2019-2020

Winter in Toronto is cold and snowy. That’s why the City of Toronto is ready with a snow clearing plan. We all have a role in keeping streets and sidewalks safe. Here is what you need to know this winter.

What we do:

1. Watch weather - We watch the weather forecast.

2. Patrol the streets - We patrol the roads and monitor weather conditions.

3. Anti-ice - Salt brine is sprayed on expressways, hills and bridges.

4. Salt the roads - Salt trucks are the first line of defence when the snow starts to fall.

5. Plow the roads - Plows go when the snow is this deep: 2.5 cm - Expressways 5 cm - Major roads, transit routes, bike lanes etc. 8 cm - Neighbourhood roads

6. Clear the sidewalks - City crews start clearing the busiest sidewalks first (2 cm deep).

7. Shovel our sidewalks - City crews, residents and business owners clear the sidewalks outside homes and businesses.

8. Continue to clear snow - It can take up to 16 hours after the snow stops falling to clear all of Toronto's 9,500 streets.

9. Respond to service requests - Wait at least 16 hours after the snow stops falling to call 311.

Sidewalk Clearing - We all have a role

What the City of Toronto does: Sidewalk plows clear about 6,400 km of Toronto's 7,900 km of sidewalk, but they don't fit everywhere.

What residents and business owners must do: Where sidewalk plowing is not available, please clear snow and ice from your sidewalk and nearby fire hydrants within 12 hours of a snowfall.

Do not push snow on the road or into bike lanes, it's dangerous and illegal.

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