City celebrates 'World No Tobacco Day' with unveiling of smoke-free sign

Councillor Paula Fletcher (Ward 30 Toronto-Danforth), Chair of Parks and Environment Committee, and representatives from Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation and Toronto Public Health joined members of the community to celebrate World No Tobacco Day.

A sign was unveiled at a ceremony, indicating that smoking is not permitted at Toronto zoos, farms, wading pools and splash pads, or near any playground

equipment in City of Toronto parks.

“This new bylaw has created safer places for children to play and participate in physical activity,” said Councillor Fletcher. “We are committed to protecting our most precious resource, our children, while ensuring that they have opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities.”

Under an amendment to Municipal Code, Chapter 608, Parks, smoking or the holding of lighted tobacco is prohibited in zoos and farms operated by Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation (PFR), and within a nine-metre (29.5 foot) radius of playground safety surfaces or any playground equipment in City of Toronto parks, including wading pools and splash pads. New signs indicating the new bylaw are displayed in relevant areas throughout the city.

Second-hand smoke is a Class A carcinogen linked to cancer, increased risk of heart disease and respiratory illness. Outdoor concentrations of second-hand smoke have been found to rival those of indoor second-hand smoke during periods of active smoking, depending on the direction of the wind and the distance from the smoker. Children also breathe faster than adults, especially when active, resulting in the potential for greater intake of second-hand smoke toxins.

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