Casino - what does the City Manager's report mean?

The long-awaited report from the City Manager on proposals for a casino in Toronto has been released. The report presents the City's position on building a casino in the C1 zone (the waterfront or downtown) or the C2 zone (Woodbine Racetrack).

Click here to read the full report


The report does not contain an endorsement of a casino. It provides these recommendations:
  • A list of 43 conditions related to planning, economic development, social costs, and financial considerations that should be imposed if Council decided to explore hosting a downtown casino Requesting a report from the OLG reviewing these conditions A timeline that would have Council make the final decision next year once the OLG report is completed Expansion of gaming at the Woodbine site

Report to Executive

The next step is for this report to be reviewed at a special meeting of the Executive Committee on April 15-16. Mayor Ford's Executive Committee will hear from the public and consider the recommendations in the report. If you'd like to speak at the Committee, email [email protected] or phone 416-392-4666. You must sign up by 4:00pm on Friday April 12. You can also submit an email to the Committee by writing to [email protected] and addressing the letter to 'Mayor & Councillors'.

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