Calling For Nominations For The Social Planning Board Of Directors

Social Planning Toronto is an incorporated and registered non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to:

  • independent social planning and community development;
  • social research and policy analysis;
  • community education and advocacy; and
  • the development and coordination of human services.
SPT is governed by a 15-person volunteer Board of Directors elected by its individual community and organizational membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The SPT’s Annual General Membership Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 14th at the Central YMCA (80 Grosvenor St., Toronto). There will be 3 vacancies on the Board of Directors. This is a call for nominations to fill these vacancies at the AGM.

All SPT Board members serve as individuals committed to the purposes and mission of the SPT and to the important role of independent community social planning in helping to shape the quality of life for all of Toronto’s residents. Although Board members do not represent any particular community, constituency, or organization in Board service, the composition of the SPT Board should reflect as much as possible the character and nature of our community. To that end, in recruiting candidates for nomination to the Board, the Nominations Committee will apply the following considerations:

  • People of colour who bring a perspective that encompasses the general experience of visible minority groups in the City.
  • People from diverse ethnic identities and cultural traditions and backgrounds.
  • People who understand from their personal experience, work, and/or volunteer activity, issues important to vulnerable or marginalized community members (e.g. disability, sexual orientation, low income, age, etc.)
  • People who live, work, or volunteer in all geographic areas of the City.
  • People from a variety of professional or sectoral perspectives, such as labour, business, public service, faith communities, academia, social justice movements, etc.
  • Gender balance.
This is consistent with SPT’s commitment to principles of access and equity in its staff, board, committee and volunteer recruitment.

Volunteer Board members, of course, bring many skills and talents to their Board responsibilities. Organizational strengths in areas such as access and equity, strategic planning, finance, fundraising, legal, communications, human resource development, etc. are welcome.

This year the Nominations Committee is particularly interested in candidates from the inner suburbs, who are youth, who have expertise in finance or fundraising, who reflect diverse backgrounds and candidates that have lived experience of poverty.

Individuals who are nominated and agree to stand for membership election to the

SPT Board will be making a commitment to a three-year term. They will agree to attend monthly two- to three-hour Board meetings and to contribute an additional two to three hours a month to SPT committee, task group or other Board-related volunteer work. Nominees for the SPT Board must be a member in good standing at the time of election to the Board and remain so throughout that person’s term of office.

Interested individuals may submit their candidacy or nominate others to the

SPT Board by completing a Nomination Form (available from Maria Serrano) and submitting it by Friday, March 8th, 2013 to Maria Serrano.

Miriam DiGiuseppe

Nominations Committee Chair,

Social Planning Toronto

All nominees will receive an acknowledgement.

For further information, or to obtain or submit a Nomination Form, please contact:

Maria Serrano, Director of Operations

Social Planning Toronto

2 Carlton Street, Suite 1001

Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3

Tel: 416-351-0095 ext. 223 or fax: 416-351-0107

E-mail: [email protected]

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