Automated Speed Enforcement devices issue more than 53,000 tickets at first round of locations with steady reduction in speeding incidents and repeat offenders

The City of Toronto’s 50 Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) devices issued a total of 53,090 tickets at the first round of locations, from July 6, 2020 through the final day of enforcement on November 30, 2020, before the devices started enforcement at the second round of locations on December 1, 2020.

Data from the first set of locations shows the City's Automated Speed Enforcement program had a positive impact on driver behaviour where the speed cameras were placed, with a demonstrated reduction in speeding incidents and a reduction in repeat offenders.

During the first full month of enforcement at the first round of locations, July 6 to August 5, the devices issued a total of 22,301 tickets to speeding vehicles and detected 2,239 repeat offenders. During the second month, August 6 to September 5, the devices issued 15,175 tickets and detected 1,198 repeat offenders. During the third month of enforcement, September 6 to October 6, the devices issued 9,719 tickets and detected 604 repeat offenders. From October 7 to October 31, the last day before the devices started rotating, 5,174 tickets were issued, and 251 repeat offenders were detected. From November 1 to November 30, the month during which the devices were being rotated to new locations in stages, the number of tickets issued was 721.

During the entire enforcement period at the first round of locations, the device on Renforth Drive near Lafferty Street (Etobicoke Centre) issued the most tickets at 5,404, or 10 per cent of all tickets.

The highest fine of $718 was issued to a vehicle owner travelling at 89 km/h in a 40 k/m speed limit zone by the same device on Renforth Drive.

According to the data, the number of repeat offenders at the first round of locations was 5,822. The most frequent repeat offender received 17 tickets for speeding near Crow Trail and Bradstone Square (Scarborough North).

Below is a list of the number of tickets issued for each of the 50 ASE devices:

  • Royalcrest Road near Cabernet Circle (Etobicoke North): 2,544
  • Harefield Drive near Barford Road (Etobicoke North): 90
  • Renforth Drive near Lafferty Street (Etobicoke Centre): 5,404
  • Trehorne Drive near Duffield Road (Etobicoke Centre): 1,677
  • Horner Avenue near Orianna Drive (Etobicoke-Lakeshore): 1,358
  • Chartwell Road south of Larstone Avenue (Etobicoke-Lakeshore): 46
  • Jameson Avenue south of Laxton Avenue (Parkdale-High Park): 2,216
  • Close Avenue south of Queen Street West (Parkdale-High Park): 167
  • Bicknell Avenue south of Avon Drive (York South-Weston): 4,010
  • Brookhaven Drive north of Nordale Crescent (York South-Weston): 925
  • Faywood Boulevard near Laurelcrest Avenue (York Centre): 861
  • Wilmington Avenue north of Purdon Drive (York Centre): 2,920
  • Derrydown Road north of Catford Road (Humber River-Black Creek): 393
  • Grandravine Drive east of Jane Street (Humber River-Black Creek): 605
  • Corona Street south of Claver Avenue (Eglinton-Lawrence): 622
  • Ridge Hill Drive west of Old Park Road (Eglinton-Lawrence): 1469
  • Caledonia Road north of Rogers Road (Davenport): 4,267
  • Gladstone Avenue south of Cross Street (Davenport): 1,271
  • Manning Avenue north of Robinson Street (Spadina-Fort York): 66
  • Givins Street south of Argyle Street (Spadina-Fort York): 100
  • Lippincott Street south of Vankoughnet Street (University-Rosedale): 135
  • Huron Street south of Bernard Avenue (University-Rosedale): 658
  • Atlas Avenue south of Ava Road (Toronto-St. Paul’s): 116
  • Brownlow Avenue south of Eglinton Avenue East (Toronto-St. Paul’s): 413
  • Prospect Street east of Ontario Street (Toronto Centre): 10
  • Spruce Street near Gifford Street (Toronto Centre): 13
  • Chatham Avenue east of Jones Avenue (Toronto-Danforth): 1,634
  • Morse Street south of Queen Street East (Toronto-Danforth): 118
  • Bessborough Drive north of Field Avenue (Don Valley West): 817
  • Ranleigh Avenue east of Yonge Street (Don Valley West): 874
  • Gateway Boulevard near 10 Gateway Boulevard (Don Valley East): 3,273
  • Ness Drive north of York Mills Road (Don Valley East): 32
  • Elkhorn Drive west of Red Maple Court (Don Valley North): 305
  • Cherokee Boulevard south of Pinto Drive (Don Valley North): 636
  • Patricia Avenue west of Homewood Avenue (Willowdale): 941
  • Lillian Street south of Abitibi Avenue (Willowdale): 756
  • Main Street south of Swanwick Avenue (Beaches-East York): 1,294
  • Barrington Avenue north of Secord Avenue (Beaches-East York): 1,547
  • Falmouth Avenue south of Brussels Road (Scarborough Southwest): 362
  • Birchmount Road north of Kingston Road (Scarborough Southwest): 2,514
  • Brimorton Drive east of Hathway Drive (Scarborough Centre): 1,558
  • Marcos Boulevard near Cicerella Crescent (Scarborough Centre): 27
  • Beverly Glen Boulevard west of Stonebridge Boulevard (Scarborough-Agincourt): 31
  • Silver Springs Boulevard near Revlis Crescent (Scarborough-Agincourt): 485
  • Crow Trail near Bradstone Square (Scarborough North): 411
  • Alton Towers Circle near 295 Alton Towers Circle (Scarborough North): 332
  • Galloway Road north of Lawrence Avenue East (Scarborough-Guildwood): 35
  • Military Trail east of Cindy Nicholas Drive (Scarborough-Guildwood): 1993
  • Hupfield Trail near Glanvil Crescent (Scarborough-Rouge Park): 455
  • Murison Boulevard near Curtis Crescent (Scarborough-Rouge Park): 304
Enforcement data for December 2020 will be available in February.

The total payable fine amount includes a set fine, determined by Schedule D under the Provincial Offences Act, a victim fine surcharge and applicable court costs. ASE tickets do not incur any demerit points and do not affect a person’s driving record.

All 50 devices were moved to new locations in November 2020, to address additional areas with safety concerns and to encourage a wide-ranging deterrent effect.

The devices are expected to rotate to new locations again in the spring. Site selection is primarily based on data that indicate where speed and collision challenges exist near schools in Community Safety Zones. Additional considerations include avoiding areas of planned road work, speed limit changes, obstructions or impediments to equipment, and limited boulevard space.

The ASE program aims to increase road safety, reduce speeding and raise public awareness about the need to slow down and obey posted speed limits. The 50 devices are installed city-wide on local, collector and arterial roads in Community Safety Zones near schools. Each ward has two ASE devices that capture and record images of vehicles travelling in excess of the posted speed limit. Signage has been installed in advance of all ASE locations so that motorists are aware of their presence.

More information about the program, how to settle fees and a map of all locations is available at


“Once again the data proves that the City's Automated Speed Enforcement program can positively impact driver behaviour, evident in the reduction in speeding incidents and repeat offenders where the speed cameras are placed. I’m glad to see this downward trend in the number of tickets issued and hope this will continue to be the case at all future locations.”

- Mayor John Tory

“Speed cameras in Community Safety Zones make it safer for our children and families to walk or bike to school. This program is an important component of our Vision Zero Road Safety Plan, which continues to be a top priority.”

- Councillor Jennifer McKelvie (Scarborough—Rouge Park), Chair of the Infrastructure and Environment Committee

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