Air Quality Impact Study South Riverdale and Leslieville

Air Quality Impact Study South Riverdale and Leslieville

In July 2005, the Toronto Board of Health requested that the City examine the air quality and associated health impacts in the South Riverdale-Leslieville-Beaches area of Toronto. The study was developed in cooperation with staff of Toronto Public Health and with the input of local residents on the study’s special Liaison Committee.

  Key findings include: • Concentrations of 26 of the 30 substances in the study meet provincial air quality standards. • Concentrations of four substances exceed the provincial air quality standards in some locations, some of the time: nitrogen oxides, benzene, benxo (a) pyrene, and fine particulate matter. • Emissions from the transportation sector and some industrial sites contribute to air quality issues in the area.


You can read the full study here

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