2010 2011 Curbside Collection Calendar

The new City of Toronto 2010/2011 Curbside Collection Calendar will arrive at single family households beginning this week. Delivery to all single-family homes in Toronto will continue through the summer.

This year’s calendar features a new pull-out poster with photos of items that can and can’t go in the Blue and Green Bins. Residents will also receive with their calendar a special plastic recyclable electronic waste bag to set out unwanted small electronics items such as cell phones, cameras, pagers, computer cables and radios.

Details on how to use the bag and when to set it out are available in the calendar and on the Solid Waste web site http://www.toronto.ca/target70/electronics.htm

A sample copy of the new calendar and the electronics bag will be delivered to your City Hall office.

Residents in multi-unit buildings will receive their collection calendar in December.

The City also plans to provide an electronic collection program for these residents. Details will be available soon.

Remember to also check Waste Wizard at http://www.toronto.ca/garbage/index.htm -Solid Waste's searchable database designed to help residents in Toronto better manage their waste materials.

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