Update on Stopping Graphic Images used by Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform

Last year the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) started a summer campaign that used very graphic images to attack the right of women to reproductive choice. Their summer interns dropped flyers door to door and they also demonstrated with large signs on street corners across the City. They are back again this summer.

We held a community meeting last August where we heard from so many of you. Since then Councillor Doucette submitted a motion to City Council that is still be reviewed by City Legal (MM35.10 - Distribution and Display of Graphic Images). We do not expect to hear back from them until the new term.

Last year MPP Peter Tabuns' attempt lo have the provincial Attorney General seek an injunction against the CCBR for distribution of their disturbing images was not successful. The AG did not feel he could succeed in court. It is also increasingly clear that although it is disturbing there is no legal way to stop the group from public display of their images.

I have been working with Peter Tabuns and other City Council colleagues on this matter. We continue to hear from many residents who are very disturbed by these images and the content from CCBR. You can find our letter here.

Peter has shared the following that may work against the CCBR:

"Having searched for other options it appears that the Trespass Act could be helpful. You can prohibit persons or organization from coming on your property. You can inform them in advance that they are not allowed to trespass on your property. You need to do this with a hard copy with your signature on it. It is attached for you to download, fill out and send if you want to. Please email me so I know what support there is for this action.

Should they violate the warning you can ask the police to charge them. If the ignoring of the law is at a large enough scale we may be able to seek an injunction against their deliveries to your properties."

Please let me and Peter know if you send a letter - [email protected].

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