News Release - Toronto to Consider Changing Dangerous Dog Procedures Today

New report comes after calls for improved handling of dog attacks in wake of recent maulings.


TORONTO - A new City of Toronto report recommends changes to the city's process for responding to dangerous dog attacks.

Recommendations include prioritizing responding to severe dog attacks over relatively minor dog incidents, publicly listing dangerous dog orders, standardizing dangerous dog signs, funding public communication and education campaigns and requesting changes to provincial legislation to expedite dangerous dog hearings.

These proposals stem from Councillor Paula Fletcher's call for a review of how the city manages severe dog mauling incidents, enforces dangerous dog orders and makes information publicly accessible.

"Dangerous dogs and maulings are serious community safety issues. The city's response to dog mauling and reports of dangerous dogs must be immediate and coordinated" said Fletcher. "Proactive monitoring, enforcement and communication are needed to keep residents and other dogs safe."

The Economic and Community Development Committee will consider the recommendations today at city hall.

The report is the result of Fletcher's September 2023 request for a staff review after a dog mauling incident in her ward last summer left an East York resident hospitalized.

"The horrific dog mauling in my ward last summer shook our community," said Fletcher. "The city's response was concerning to many residents and highlighted issues in our processes for dealing with dangerous dogs."

"That's why I asked staff to report on the city's procedures for responding to serious dog attacks, enforcing dangerous dog orders, notifying the public and investigating reports of potentially dangerous dogs."

Fletcher also requested staff recommendations for more proactive enforcement of dangerous dog orders, expedited removals of animals responsible for serious attacks and strategies to inform and educate residents.

The public engagement funding recommended in the report would be in addition to the extra budget funds for more animal control officers to respond to dangerous dog incidents approved by city council last week.

"I encouraged residents to send feedback to the Economic and Community Development Committee ahead of Tuesday's meeting. I will continue to advocate for regulations and resources to keep our community safe."


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