Toronto to examine traffic safety at two Danforth intersections

April 30, 2019 By David Nickle Toronto transportation staff will be taking a detailed look at the safety of two Danforth Avenue intersections that Coun. Paula Fletcher says have become congestion pinch-points. Reports on traffic patterns at intersections at Broadview and Pape Avenues should be coming back to the Toronto and East York Community Council in September — dealing with various
issues that Fletcher says have been vexing constituents.

At Pape, Fletcher said the new traffic light just a few hundred feet north of Danforth Avenue opposite the Pape subway station has made it difficult for drivers trying to make their way down Pape to Lakeshore Boulevard, and turning traffic from the Danforth also slows down.

At Broadview, pedestrian traffic during rush hour and problems with Toronto's new streetcars accessing the too-short platforms at the Broadview subway station are creating different kinds of troubles. “There are a few issues at Broadview,” said Fletcher in an interview following April's community council meeting. “There are a myriad of pedestrian issues at peak time, and I've asked the TTC to look at reconfiguring the stops at the station. Right now, there is not enough room for two streetcars at once, and once they're bunched up everybody's lined up down Broadview.” Pape, meanwhile, is the only cross-street in Fletcher's Ward 14 (Toronto-Danforth) that takes cars more-or-less directly down to the Lakeshore Boulevard and the Gardiner Expressway. “It's really a unique intersection,” said Fletcher. “It's not like Jones or Greenwood that end at Queen Street.” Fletcher said she hopes the city can look at retiming traffic lights at both the intersection and at the relatively new signalized intersection to the north. Link:

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