Social Fabric - A Gerrard St East Community Project

Social Fabric is a Community Quilt – a unified whole made of patches created by businesses, community groups & families in the Gerrard East neighbourhood.

Here are some details assembled by the creators of this project:

What is the Purpose? Social Fabric symbolically, emotionally and socially brings together the various groups in our community. Social Fabric will bring positive press to our neighbourhood. Social Fabric will be an example to our youth of how society can work together to create beauty and positive change.

Who is Involved? All businesses & community groups along lower Gerrard East in the borders of the BIA are invited to participate. Families who wish to be involved will have the opportunity to sponsor a patch of their own. Fabric Artist Leanne Shea Rhem will quilt the individual patches into a unified whole.

Who Pays? The Little India BIA & Ward Councillors Mary-Margaret MacMahon & Paula Fletcher have pledged funds. Rang Décor has donated beautiful materials & Dawn Chapman of Lazy Daisy’s Café is donating time to lead the project.

Where will the Community Quilt Live?

Social Fabric will be unveiled early summer in a location to be decided. Our hope is that the quilt will travel to various schools & community centres throughout the City as an inspiration to all


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