Riverdale Park Playground Enhancements

Thanks to the feedback we received from the community in July 2015, we are pleased to announce that the playground design has been finalized.

Riverdale Park East playground design

We received lots of great comments and suggestions in support of many of the proposed features and as a result established features that are the most important to the community. Popular features of the design included the slide, amphitheatre seating,climbing rocks, climbing structure, and water play. Overall, there was great support for the use of natural materials (i.e. rocks, logs, water) in the playground design.

The following are some of the design changes made based on your feedback and given the site constraints:

  • Traditional swings with at least one accessible swing – Swings are always a popular playground component and the option of a traditional swing with the addition of at least one accessible swing was significantly more preferred than the proposed hammock swings.
  • More challenging elements for ages 8-12 years –Connected play elements are generally more enticing than stand-alone components to some older playground users. To accommodate the requests for more challenging features, the design includes a log jam with rope climber connected to the 'performance play stage platform.' This is oriented towards the amphitheatre seating to allow children to incorporate the structure into performances.
  • A need for a toddler and younger children zone – A number of comments recommended the inclusion of a toddler/younger child play zone including a toddler slide. A toddler slide, sand play and log seating has been included in the south corner, close to the building.
  • Water and sand play features – Another popular request was the inclusion of water and sand play elements into the playground. Regardless of age, water and sand play features are always popular playground component. A water, sand and boulder play area is incorporated in the south part of the playground.
  • Rope railing beside the slide– Additional safety features were added.
  • Increased natural shade – Additional tree plantings were added to increase the amount of shaded areas in and around the playground.
  • Increased consideration for accessible features – Various comments related to the importance of accessibility of the play elements and consideration for the visually impaired if the colour contrast of the elements is low.
Once again, thank you for taking the time to respond to the Riverdale East Playground survey and we appreciate all of the feedback we received.

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